E.I.D parry share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028,2029,2030

In the unpredictable world of the stock market, we can’t predict the value of any stock just by looking at their Current charts but with the help of some fundamentals analysis we can actually estimate its value for the upcoming period. Fundamental analysis is a deep study of a company’ s inner operation.

If you are looking for a stock in the energy section E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd. Will be perfect for you. Today we are going to discuss why you should consider E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd in your portfolio.

The Indian government is likely to invest 5.5 billion in the ethanol blending sector by 2025 . Till now India had achieved 10 % ethanol blending in petrol and likely to increase its percentage by 25% till 2025.

eid parry share price target
eid parry share price target

 If you are looking for stocks with good returns, E.I.D.-Parry (India) Ltd. can be a profitable investment option. E.I.D.-Parry (India) Ltd. quote is equal to 538.700 INR at 2023-12-12. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the “Eid Parry India Ltd” stock price forecast for 2028-12-08 is 1021.946 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +89.71%.

It is an Indian company that operates in the sugar and chemical industry. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd.’s stock. This stock analysis is targeted  for long-term stock investors.

E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd. Fundamentals

Market Cap₹ ₹ 9,523.82 Cr.
Enterprise Value₹ 10,019.63 Cr.
No. of share17.75 Cr
Face value₹ 1
Dividend Yield (Last Year)1.76%
Book Value160.31
Debt ₹507.86cr
₹ 7.83
Profit growth (1 year)-30.57 %
Sales growth-11.13%
Cash₹ 12.05 Cr.
Debt to Equity0
Promoter’s Holding44.51 %
Operating Profit Margin23.00%
source : Ticker By Finology

E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd pros and cons

The company has shown a good profit growth of 375.56% for the Past 3 years.The company is trading at a high PE of 68.54.
The company has shown a good revenue growth of 15.58% for the Past 3 years.Company has negative cash flow from operations of -366.55.
The company has an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of 86.77 days.
The company has a strong degree of Operating leverage, Average Operating leverage stands at 36.03.

Why buy E.I.D. – Parry (India) Ltd

E.I.D. Parry is a pioneer and world leader in organic spirulina and micro algal products in the Nutraceuticals space. ‘Parry’s Spirulina’, with 3 major international certifications, is sold in more than 41 countries across the globe. The highly specialized manufacturing Plants of the Nutraceuticals business for micro algal production are located at Oonaiyur and Saveripuram in Tamil Nadu.

Price chart
Source : screener

The Company also retains a significant presence in the refined sugar and farm inputs business through its subsidiaries Parry Sugar Refinery India Pvt. Ltd. & Coromandel International Limited.


Recently this company has increased its share capital. While buying any stock we should keep in mind a few things about any company, fundamental analysis is called the backbone of investing.

Fundamental analysis reflect company inner operation pace and it’s consistency through out back years and for upcoming years

While doing fundamental analysis we should focus on company’s growth

And this can be found out by looking at the company’s balance sheet , its total net profit and sales, its quarterly and annual reports, promoters investment including foreign and domestic , cash flow , and some important ratios like P/B ratio. P/E ratio, company debts, it’s inner operation and most importantly it’s yearly sales growth

In this article we have provided all the important tables which will be very useful for making a precise decision about investing in this stock and determining our share price Target for the next five years .

eid parry share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028,2029,2030

YearJanuary TargetDecember Target
eid parry share price target 2023₹583.45₹532.30
eid parry share price target 2024₹548.579₹636.442
eid parry share price target 2025₹645.605₹733.355
eid parry share price target 2026₹742.770₹830.508
eid parry share price target 2027₹838.381₹926.789
eid parry share price target 2028₹936.489₹1022.991
eid parry share price target 2029₹1023.009₹1051.321
eid parry share price target 2030₹1052.003₹1089.345

By looking at all basic ratios and fundamentals we are at this conclusion that this might be a good stock in our portfolio , which is likely to give nearly 90%returns in 5 five years .Which can make our profit and loss segment more green than ever.

Theory behind expected share price of EID.PARRY LTD

How we came at this conclusion that future price of eid parry is likely to be as  our given charts .this is possible because we have studied nearly every aspect of this company , have deeply studied all the ratios , it’s debt , it’s cash flow, it’s future demand and supply in future

Below we are attaching this stock’s performance in previous years

You can find here its sales growth, its balance sheets, and some important charts which will help you to make your investment decision precise and accurate.here we are not suggesting you to buy this stock by looking into our article we are attaching full ratios and important charts which will help you to make your decision. 

Profit and loss statement (Last 5 years)

This table shows the annual sales growth of EID.PARRY LTD of the last 5 years. It is growing annually and it shows the good strength of this company and we can rely on it.

Profit & Loss (All Figures in Cr. Adjusted EPS in Rs.)

Net Sales 1,845.171,874.882,024.252,489.432,894.92
Total Expenditure 1,887.151,794.321,853.722,280.562,640
Operating Profit -41.9880.56170.53208.87254.92
Other Income 212.27154.62385.40282.95271.58
Interest 113.43135.6692.7246.0936.03
Depreciation 113.77119.56119.99120.11135.05
Exceptional Items 35.160715.17-13.73-110.91
Profit Before Tax -21.75-20.041,058.39311.89244.51
Tax -49.07-21.87193.5328.3947.69
Net Profit 163.131.83864.86283.50196.82
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 1.540.1048.8315.9811.09


a financial statement that contains details of a company’s assets or liabilities at a specific point of time.it helps us to find how this company is strong by its roots .Balance sheet always acts as backbone of any company, it indicates all its red and green flags of any company.

ParticularsMar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2022Sep
Equity Capital17181818181818181818181818
Borrowings +4,5835,1994,2884,8235,1443,9234,4705,1254,3471,2291,2591,618878
Other Liabilities +4,0914,8024,9545,8496,6006,6917,0887,6497,0697,4449,35811,07611,367
Total Liabilities11,09712,43311,65912,89914,13113,36414,52815,90114,93613,25715,94318,77818,898
Fixed Assets +3,1083,8513,7883,4763,3433,2973,1973,0773,8583,5833,7633,8764,776
Other Assets +7,2297,9147,3508,97910,0229,45910,84712,20310,5799,01411,45613,79412,589
Total Assets11,09712,43311,65912,89914,13113,36414,52815,90114,93613,25715,94318,77818,898


a valuable measure of strength, profitability, and the long-term future outlook of a company.its shows how company is flowing it’s money on its own company, mainly we focus on debts and  its money holding.

ParticularsMar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Cash from Operating Activity +3708381,5912224371,969259-521,9864,7712,278359
Cash from Investing Activity +-979-956-260-307-192-14813-357-282-548-1,732487
Cash from Financing Activity +648-503-1,263-142-221-1,8424234-1,769-3,598-499-184
Net Cash Flow39-62168-22723-21314-375-6562547661


It shows company share theory means how much part of a company is diluted in the share market.EID PARRY LTD has 17.75 Cr no of share and its share price is good as on date , its promoters are holding nearly 45 % of this company share.Which is a green flag . According to SEBI, promoters can hold up to 50% of the share.

ParticularsMar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Sep 2023
Promoters +45.27%45.00%44.89%44.77%44.74%44.64%44.55%44.52%
FIIs +10.02%9.99%6.39%6.02%8.90%8.76%11.27%9.03%
DIIs +7.12%4.91%4.15%2.72%2.37%4.26%4.92%4.52%
Public +37.59%40.10%44.57%46.49%43.98%42.34%39.26%41.94%
No. of Shareholders41,95652,42951,38950,32458,10175,30379,9371,07,640
Share holding Pattern
Source : Ticker by Finology


Through this article I have tried my best to give you all important aspects of this company through chats and words . Nearly just by looking and by briefly examining you can make your decision, we are not sebi advisors so I am posting this article only for your educational purpose and kindly make your decision independently. I hope you will find all your queries answered here .

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