avantel share price target 2023, 2024,2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

Present time India focus on their defence sector manufacturing, Indian government main aim is To make India defence Sector importer from exporter. Indian defence sector companies are growing very rapidly in few years.

In This article we will analyse Avantel Private Limited,This company provide wireless communication and satellite communication product and service to the Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force  and those company which are involving in defence equipment manufacturing.

Ine last year this Avantel Private Limited gives Return of 347.93% to their investor. It is an multibagger stock. In this article we will analyse the Avantel Private Limited financials and future plans 

and forecast the avantel share price target 2024, avantel share price target 2025, avantel share price target 2026, avantel share price target 2027, avantel share price target 2028, avantel share price target 2029, avantel share price target 2030. Before starting the analysis  let’s know about the Avantel Private Limited.

Avantel Private Limited 

Avantel Private Limited Founded in 30 May 1990 by Vidyasagar Abburi. Avantel Company design development and manufacturing of electronic communication satellite communication software product and service. Company is In the defence supply segment for the last 30 years provides satellite communication based product and wireless communication based product.

Avantel Also hold defence industrial licence from the Indian government. Company also offering integrated solution for airborne underwater platform and specific operation.

Company deals with strategic sector  space, Aerospace, Railway And defence. The company is providing service to big companies in the field of equation. At present, company has main role in providing product and service in satellite communication and wireless communication in the Indian defense sector.

Avantel Private Limited Client list

  1. Indian Army
  2. Indian Railway
  3. Indian Air Force
  4. Indian Navy
  5. ISRO
  6. DRDO
  7. Goa CPR
  8. The Boieng company
  9. L&T

in this list shows that company has play big role providing communication services and product to the Indian defence sector and the Indian Space Organisation. 

Avantel Private Limited Financial

Now we will study the financials and fundamental data of Avantel Private Limited which provide in overview how company perform in future. We will also check whether the companies fundamental a strong or not.

Market Cap₹1792.49 crore
Enterprise Value₹1819.38 crore
No. of share8.11 crore
Face value2
Dividend Yield0.02%
Book Value14.87
Debt ₹27.90 crore
Profit growth (1 year)56.62%
Sales growth47.00%
Cash₹1.01 crore
Debt to Equity0.25
Promoter’s Holding40.1%
Operating Profit Margin32.07%

From the fundamentals data its sounds well. Avantel Private Limited ROE is 30.71% which  which is higher than industry ROE (Industry ROE is 15%). The last year company  operating profit margin is 32.07% Where is 2022 company has an Operating profit margin is around 25%. 

Avantel share price target 2023, 2024,2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

Year1st Target2nd Target
avantel share price target 2023₹76.68₹272.60
avantel share price target 2024₹279.56₹356.65
avantel share price target 2025₹357.41₹436.45
avantel share price target 2026₹436.01₹508.95
avantel share price target 2027₹511.48₹595.23
avantel share price target 2028₹597.70₹643.88
avantel share price target 2029₹642.88₹710.38
avantel share price target 2030₹712.86₹797.45

avantel share price target 2023

avantel share price in january 2023 is ₹76.68 By the end of this year avantel share price target 2023 will be ₹272.60. Because company has a great order book. 

Company has unexecuted order of 240 crores in which  126 crore order  is given by Larsen and Turbo. SBC book to bill ratio of this company it is around 1.6x times of financial year 2023. Total operating income in quarter 4 in financial 2024 is 52 crore  the company shown 12.2% YoY  operating income growth.

Price graph
by grow

avantel share price target 2024

Starting of 2024 year avantel share price target 2024 will be ₹279.56  by the end of this year avantel share price target 2024 will be ₹356.65.

This is because company have good financial and fundamentals also company execute its order in time. From the past 5 years companies net profit grows from 9.51 crore to 29.78 crore.

In 24 August 2022 company received in 11.28 order from Indian Navy. These order provides in a very good strength to the revenue.

profit growth
by Groww

Avantel 5 years Cash Flow statement

Profit from operations 12.3413.0118.5023.6439.93
Adjustment 2.012.353.844.689.53
Changes in Assets & Liabilities -7.58-9.9225.84-54.25-36.48
Tax Paid -2.56-2.40-3.53-3.97-8.53
Operating Cash Flow 4.213.0444.65-29.904.45
Investing Cash Flow -0.510.02-41.6819.65-12.66
Financing Cash Flow -4-2.98-2.559.468.21
Net Cash Flow -0.300.080.43-0.800

avantel share price target 2025

avantel share price target 2025 first target will be ₹357.41 By the end of this year avantel share price target 2025 will be ₹436.45.

Companies fundamentally sound good and in the future company will grow rapidly because company backed by indian defense sector, Also company goes Global in July 2021 company has received an order of US$1.98 million From “Lockheed Martin Corporation” for Satcom equipment supply.

This increase in orders will  increase the revenue and profit of the company. Beside from this company also expect an order of 60 to 70 crore rupees in current year and order will be executed in this year.

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avantel share price target 2030

avantel share price target 2030 will be ₹712.86 and December 2030 avantel share price target will be ₹797.45. 

Avantel pvt ltd Also enters into the medical device market. in India medicals device Industry market size is around 11 billion dollar. This market has expected to grow to 50 billion dollar by 2030 by 21% CAGR.

Indian Medical devices import student 8.5 billion dollar and export contributes 2.9 billion dollar. Indian Medical device export as an expected to reach 10 billion dollar by 2025.

The growth of this industry will definitely benefit the Avantel pvt ltd  because Avantel pvt ltd enters the market by its fully owned subsidiary Imeds Global Private Limited.

by ticker

Imeds Global Private Limited Has 450 customer and it has been sold 650k product. Imeds has developed Skin Staplers, Removers and Oxygen Concentrators.

Net Sales 50.5151.9277.70104.94154.27
Total Expenditure 36.4636.5455.5277.19104.79
Operating Profit 14.0515.3822.1827.7649.47
Other Income 0.911.200.871.370.47
Interest 0.580.851.511.514.86
Depreciation 2.052.713.033.975.16
Exceptional Items 00000
Profit Before Tax 12.3413.0118.5023.6439.93
Tax 2.832.263.174.469.89
Net Profit 9.5110.5915.3819.1029.78
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 1.171.331.892.373.70

 If you are looking for a small cap company which have good fundamentals and financials this is the right company. In this article We analysed the financial of Avantel pvt ltd, which looks good and company also have in a great order from the Indian defence ministry.

This company one of the finest company providing satellite and Radio Communication system and product to the defence sector, Aerospace sector space Sector. This company also  manage their assets very efficiently.

Avantel Pvt Ltd Will give very handsome return to their investor in upcoming years if you are looking for a long term investment Avantel is good choice.

In this article, I have given you all the information about avantel share price target, I have tried to give you the best information about all the financial data of Avantel pvt ltd.

There are ups and downs in the stock market, due to which all the stock price targets mentioned in this article can go up or down. Therefore, before investing, do your research well.

avantel share price target 2035?

avantel share price in january 2035 is ₹1132.68 By the end of this year avantel share price target 2035 will be ₹1242.68

avantel share price target 2040?

avantel share price in january 2040 is ₹1782.86 By the end of this year avantel share price target 2040 will be ₹1872.93.

avantel share price target 2050?

avantel share price in january 2050 is ₹2387.92 By the end of this year avantel share price target 2050 will be ₹3025.93.

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