Mazagon dock share price target 2023, 2024,2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

India is one of the largest importer in defence sector. India almost import status 36% of their defence requirement. Current government is aiming to increase the Indian export in defence sector.

The Indian government wants India to become a net exporter instead of a net importer in the defense sector, so it has launched a “Aatamnirbhar” campaign through which it most of the equipment for the Indian defense sector to be made in India.

According to the report of business today India has reached the export of 16000 crore in financial year 2023. Indian government fonts India do not have to rely on other country for their defence equipment. So Indian defence sectors company will grow rapidly in the future. 

In today’s article we will analyse the India leading ship building company Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited. 

We will analyse the financials of Mazagon Dock and their balance sheets And there investment and future plans so we can forecast the Mazagon dock share price target 2023, Mazagon dock share price target 2024, Mazagon dock share price target 2025, Mazagon dock share price target 2030.

Mazagon dock share price target
Mazagon dock share price target

Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited. 

Mazagon doxy builder Limited founded in 18th century in Mumbai. MDL registered as a private limited in 1934 in 1960 MDL was Nationalised.

Presently Sanjay Singhal is the CEO and MD of Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited. In 2023 Company total market cap is ₹36,545.22 crore. Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited Manufacture submarines, ships, vessel Worships. Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited  is one of the main manufacturer of Indian Navy equipment like submarines warships.

Mazagon dock shipbuilders LimitedAlso provide Offshore platform and Associate support vessel for oil drill.

Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited Manufactures following:

  1. Tanker
  2.  cargo bulb career
  3.  passenger seat
  4.  Fairies
  5.  Destroyer
  6.  Worship
  7.  submarine 

Mazagon dock financial highlights

If you look at the financial of Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited, Looks like very strong. Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited is debt free, P/E Ratio is also lower than peers. Mazagon dock shipbuilders Limited  have great amount of cash in their accounts which generate a extra  income.Company has ROE of 18.8% which is average of the  defence industry.

Mazakon share price graph
source : Grow
Market Cap₹36,545.22 crore
Enterprise Value₹25,064.75 crore
No. of share20.17 crore
Face value10
Dividend Yield0.86%
Book Value207.13
Debt 0
Profit growth (1 year)22.9%
Sales growth41.64%
Cash₹11,480.47 crore
Debt to Equity0
Promoter’s Holding84.83%

Mazagon dock share price target 2023, 2024,2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 

Year1st Target2nd Target
Mazagon dock share price target 2023₹834.14₹1910.210
Mazagon dock share price target 2024₹1915.63₹2216.59
Mazagon dock share price target 2025₹2210.89₹2433.38
Mazagon dock share price target 2026₹2432.87₹2635.63
Mazagon dock share price target 2027₹2637.93₹2855.78
Mazagon dock share price target 2028₹2856₹3003.81
Mazagon dock share price target 2039₹3004.12₹3249.68
Mazagon dock share price target 2030₹3249.68₹3521.06

Mazagon dock share price target 2023

Mazagon dock have a great order book of ₹49,700 crores. This order book will Double D Company turnover within a span of 3 and 4 years. So mazagon dock share price target 2023 is ₹1910.15. Company cash reserve generated interest income which is equivalent to 80% of its operating profit.

Current order book of Mazagon dock shipbuilder Is 4.95 times more than the revenue of financial year 2023. Mazagon dock has also given a 200% return to its shareholder.

Mazagon dock share price target 2024

Company has an order backlog of 49700 crore which was company expected to complete this order within a few years. if company achieve this goal within time it will provide a massive growth in their revenue and sales profit.

According to the article of Business Line mazagon revenue expected to grow at 25% analysed over next 2 years.So mazagon dock share price target 2024 will be ₹1915.63 And at the end of the year of 2024 mazagon dock share price target 2024 will be ₹2216.59. 

Promoters holds the 84.83% of share in the company, MDLIs a Public Sector Unit therefore 84.3% of share hold by Indian government in the current year foreign investment are also rise in the company the foreign investors hold the 3.39%  where as the retail investor  holds the 11.33% of share.

Mazagon shareholders pattern
source: ticker by Finology

Increase in foreign investment shows the company have a  good financials and also have a chance of growth. Company also expected that they will get in the order of 33,000 crore over the next 2 years.

Mazagon dock share price target 2025

Mazagon dock shipbuilder Limited also provides repairing services and the company management believes That their repairing business will grow ₹10,000 crore from 8000 crore.

Company also provide MRLC (Medium refit and life certification) to the submarine that he has built. That is pegged to ₹1300 crore.

Company also expected another submarine for MRLC Come in next year and also large number of ships are coming for repair.

It will provide a growth to their revenue and profit so the mazagon dock share price target 2025 will be ₹2210.89 And in the end of 2025 mazagon dock share price target 2025 will be ₹2433.38 

Most of the companies order book will be various stage  of execution in the next two or three years therefore company expect the revenue the company to be double to ₹8000 crore by financial year 2025 from ₹4049 crore in financial 2021.

P/E graph
source: ticker by Finology

Mazagon dock share price target 2030

Mazagon share price target 2030 will be ₹3249.68 And by the end of 2030  mazagon dock share price target 2030 will be ₹3521.06.

Mazagon Dock shipbuilder Limited did not only have large order book but it also invest in their future planning. Dog spent nearly 900 crore to modernise their manufacturing facilities.

This modernisation will bring more opportunity to the company. Company capacity has been increased now it has an capacity of 10 warships early it was has capacity of 8 warships and It has increased their capacity from 6 to 11 submarines.

This modernisation will reduce there construction time which is very helpful to compete  order book with in a time.

Company also spend a good amount of money in their RND they are currently working with IIT Madras for their three project which are on AI based. 

This investment will help the company to grow their business and achieve the goal of  Aatmnirbhar Bharat.

Mazagon Dock P&L of 2018-2022

Net Sales 4,487.984,613.954,904.844,047.825,733.28
Total Expenditure 4,339.294,352.744,642.233,821.885,290.80
Operating Profit 148.69261.21262.61225.94442.48
Other Income 604.84637.71589.64600.55433.63
Interest 6.799.5813.0710.7814.94
Depreciation 50.2164.3368.7559.6574.51
Exceptional Items 00-12.32-126.14-13.97
Profit Before Tax 696.53825.01758.11629.92772.69
Provision for Tax256.60307.73349.63150.35186.22
Net Profit 439.93517.28408.48479.57586.47
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 19.6323.0820.2523.7829.08
Net Sales 4,487.984,613.954,904.844,047.825,733.28

Mazagon dock share price target 2027

Mazagon dock share price target 2027 will be ₹2637.93 And by the end of this year it will reach the price of ₹2855.78.

In an interview with ET Now swadesh Mazagon chairman confirmed that Indian Navy has placed in order of 2724 crore. 

Company successful in designs Sourcing and manufacturing of select critical components used for both submarine and warship Which will double the operating profit margin. 

Current government increase the defence budget of India the defence budget of India is increased by 13% year on year to 5.94 lakh crore for 2023-24 session.

Company has zero dead which will be benefited the company in future and also company have rich cash flow due to their order book. which is further beneficial for the retail investor.

Company Rapidly increase their business in repairing and maintenance sector.  Also DAC  finally approved the project of rupees 43000 to domestic clip build 6 new generation of stealth Submarine(P75i) with foreign collaboration the contract will be awarded to Mazagon dock shipbuilder ltd.


In this article, I have given you all the information about Mazagon dock Share Price Target, I have tried to give you the best information about all the financial data of Mazagon dock. There are ups and downs in the stock market, due to which all the stock price targets mentioned in this article can go up or down. Therefore, before investing, do your research well.

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